Our menu

Your trip to Favela begins with a trip to our extensive hot and cold salad bar! Here you can enjoy everything from cured meats, fresh salad, Brazilian Feijoada and much more! 

Once seated at your table your service is in your hand, you'll find a small double sided disk on your table. When you're ready for our servers to start bringing out meat just simply flip your card to green. When you need a break just flip it back to red. Want to go again? Flip your card back to green and our servers will resume your service. That's what makes your visit to Favela so unique, you control your experience. 

Our Chefs are happy to cook all our meats to your preference so just let us know how you like it done. 

Kids Prices: 
Under 5's EAT FREE
5-9yr olds are £6.50
10-14yr olds are £8.50